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Power2Golf Club

Power2Golf Club

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Meet the world’s first automatic golf club that empowers aging or physically limited golfers enjoy the game again… without the pain of swinging the club. 

Drive pain-free from 50 to over 225 yards, no swing required. That means you're back in the game, because this single club takes the place of all clubs you have to swing. 

New Features for 4th Generation Club:

  • Improved propulsion technology, providing you with even greater power for launching the ball.
  • Shorter shaft enhances your overall control — You get even more distance and improved draw and fade control
  • The shaft is designed to be glare-resistant and is finished in black.
  • The grip has been upgraded with an attractive new design for enhanced comfort and style.

No more sidelining, no half-hearted drives, no excuses. 

Tee up and let ‘em see… This game’s not over. It’s getting a reboot with a stroke of genius: The Power2Golf Club.

Here's what you get today:

  • Power2Golf club — The world's first and only automatic golf club designed revitalize the golf experience for senior golfers facing physical limitations. Be the envy at every tee box, make shots that leave mouths hanging.
  • Range Control — Replace all full swing golf clubs, because you control the shot distance. Drive pain-free from 50 to over 225 yards, no swing required.
  • Protective Golf Club Head Cover — Ensure peak performance on every shot and keep your Power2Golf club in pristine condition for years to come. Don't resign yourself to being a spectator. You play golf — get out there and play.
  • Three (3) Play Power Packs — All the power you need to play at least three 18-hole rounds. You're back, baby! And playing better than ever.
  • 360-Day Full Warranty, 15-Guarantee — Because the warranty and guarantee protect your purchase, you could just buy the Power2Golf club now, try it out, and decide you like it then.
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